Are you wearing the right hat for business success?

Small business owners are awesome! You’ve taken a dream, made a plan and turned it into a reality. For that reality to become a success that meets your personal and business goals, you can end up juggling a lot more than you bargained for so it’s important to remember what you’re great at and when to get support if you need it.

Small business owners have a lot of hats

As the central pin to your owner run business, there is the finance, marketing, sales and delivery to think about, on top of actually managing the business day to day, AND making sure you’re on track with your long term business goals. 

If you had a hat for each of these very distinct roles, you’d have a very full wardrobe. Now, imagine that wardrobe is your mind and you’re wearing all of those hats at the same time – that’s quite a look (and weight) to pull off!

Running a business is a juggling act

It’s true that some people can pull off all these hats and thrive in this scenario but it’s also easy to see how juggling so much and being so busy might lead to a few of those business areas eventually falling away and objectives going adrift. 

Know what you’re great at

As you can’t afford to neglect any area of your business, the New Year is a great time to take stock, reflect and look ahead. I encourage you to review the roles you take on (or the hats that you wear) within your business every day.  Be brutally honest about the ones that suit your natural skillset and which hats could be shared with somebody who can help you achieve the things you want to but with a lot less stress than if you were doing them yourself. 

Find new opportunities for business success

Although being in the midst of everything is one of the great things about running your own business, sharing the load could give you the head space you need to see an opportunity that could bring you and your business even more success.

As for me, I’m off to find an accountant!

Are you wearing the right hat? An infographic.

To illustrate the points made in this article, here is an Infographic showing what each of your business hats might entail.