Email Marketing

Promote your business, build customer relationships and keep key audiences informed.

What do I do?

I help family friendly brands to create compelling, GDPR compliant emails that aim to achieve the best possible open and engagement rates in order to meet your email marketing objectives.

Whether driving traffic to your website, building customer relations by sharing discounts, special offers and newsletters, engaging with subscribers to share business news and latest blogs, or crafting the perfect introductory email to reach new leads, I can help.

By using the right tone of voice, timing, imagery and layout, I will help you share your message to get the results you want.

Why Invest in Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a great way to re-engage with dormant customers, reward or start conversations with existing ones and share business building messages, offers and discounts. The best thing about email marketing is it can be done incredibly cheaply and allows your customers to engage with your brand at a time that is convenient to them. 

It doesn’t matter if your subscriber list is made up of 10 or 10,000 people – every one of them has the potential to help you grow your business.

You must treat email subscribers well and thank them for their support in order to enjoy the benefits of a loyal and engaged audience that will become advocates for your brand.

People are wary about who they give their details too so those who have made it to your subscriber list have trusted you with their information and are actively saying they want to be a part of your brand and hear from you – so treat them well!

Get Email Marketing that works for you

It’s impossible to be great at everything and even if you were, who has the time to do it all?! Investing in outsourcing areas of your marketing strategy is not only investing in your business growth plan but also investing in yourself.

By getting specialist support with marketing tasks, like email marketing when you need it, you get time back to focus your energy on the day to day running of your business and doing what you love.


Whether you’re brand new to Email marketing, need a helping hand getting it done or a completely new approach, I can help you to make email marketing  simple.

  • Creating email templates for a variety of uses – newsletters, offers, promotions, giveaways 
  • Managing customer lists 
  • GDPR best practice and compliance
  • Managing subscriber sign ups and databases 
  • Setting up your Mail Chimp (or other email platform) account with email templates 
  • Drafting, sending & reporting on email campaigns you need 
  • Using email in your customer timeline to generate more leads, close more sales and get recommended.


I believe transparency and good communication is key to a successful working relationship and will always give you an honest opinion of how much time will be needed to achieve your desired outcome.

View the ‘work with me‘ page for an idea of pricing or get in touch for a specific quotation that meets your individual marketing needs.

My approach is simple – help you to build, share and grow your brand in ways that meet your personal and business goals.

Ready to start? Let’s talk!

Find out more

My blog has lots of tips to help make marketing simple, the work with me page will answer questions on pricing or delivery of services, and you can find out more about me, my experience and approach to marketing here.

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