Marketing Services

Recommended, reliable and efficient
marketing support when you need it.

I work with small business owners to help them deliver great marketing strategies that speak to their customers – without the overheads.

Copy writing services

SEO optimised blogs, web pages, newsletters, case studies, features and press releases.

Additional marketing support

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Words play an important role in shaping a brand’s personality and influencing how people feel about a business and its ability to deliver what they need.

Crafting great copy that tell stories, shares knowledge, celebrates business news and builds customer relationships is what I love to do. Working with small business owners in need of this kind of support gives me that happy feeling every time I get to work.

Freelance copywriting & marketing fees

Freelance Marketing assistant for small business - 10 Point Marketing & Katie Finch

I believe transparency and good communication is key when it comes to working relationships. As such I’ve outlined the fees for the freelance copy writing and marketing assistant support that I can provide on an ad-hoc or retained basis in this fee schedule download.

For requests that fall outside of the fee schedule shown, please get in touch to discuss your needs further.

” Since working with Katie, the engagement on our social media has gone through the roof and our website is always up to date with our latest news. She is always on hand to bounce ideas off and provides great advice and insight on every marketing question I have. I don’t know how things worked without her now!

Marketing Assistant Client

Working with a freelance marketing assistant

I work with small business owners who want to tackle their marketing head on but don’t have the time or confidence to manage it alone. For further information on the costs, turn around time and what is included in my fee, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions when working with me for the first time.

How do I work with you?

Freelancers can often be the missing piece of the jigsaw for small business owners when it comes to meeting their marketing needs. The good news is, it couldn’t be easier to work with me -just head to the contact page to get in touch!

When saying hello for the first time, If you can direct me to any websites or social media profiles you have this would be super helpful. This will help me to find out more about your business, what you currently do and how you help your customers, which will be the basis for any work we do together. 

Once we have agreed the scope of work and how I can help you further I will provide you with a quotation based on the number of hours involved. All new customers are required to pay a 50% deposit with the balance due on completion of the work agreed. 

For those who prefer to provide a brief and leave me to it, that’s great! For those who would like to meet up first (virtually or face to face) and have regular catch ups, that is also great. Either way, all work will be delivered in the time frame required.

Do we need to meet?

That is completely up to you! Some clients prefer to put a face to the name while others simply want someone to get on and deliver the marketing support they need. 

I am happy to meet you in person, via video chat or talk things through on the phone or email – however you prefer to work. 

The beauty of freelance marketing and copywriting services is that they can be delivered anywhere in the world with just a few clicks of a button. So although I’m based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, distance is no barrier when it comes to working with me so do get in touch if you think I can help you. 

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How much do you charge?

My digital marketing services are charged at £45 p/h and I have a range of ‘ready made’ off the shelf services such as website updates, blog or newsletter creation for purchase at fixed prices. 

When you get in touch we will discuss your needs and find the most efficient way of delivering them to ensure we’re working within your budget and delivery expectations. 

I also have a limited number of spaces for retained clients at £600 per month for those looking for a dedicated freelance marketing assistant to help them get the most from their marketing efforts without taking on a full time member of staff. 

All new clients are required to pay a 50% deposit of the value of their first invoice before any work begins. 

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Tell me more about becoming my marketing assistant

Wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced, reliable and recommended marketing assistant without the overheads? I offer exactly this service for up to two clients at any one time.

The reality for many small business owners is:

  • You know you need to tackle your marketing in a more strategic way but don’t know where to start.
  • You’ve got a plan and no what you want to do but don’t have the time to do it
  • You’ve heard about keyword research, SEO, or want to update your website but this all sounds a bit confusing! 
  • You want somebody to take care of marketing for you so you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business 

If any of the above sounds familiar, then this is where my retained marketing services come in. Working with me on a retained basis means you have a personal marketing assistant at your disposal to deliver all your marketing or admin needs within an agreed number of hours each month without the expense of taking on a full time member of staff. 

Why do you only work with two retained clients at a time?

It’s simply a matter of time. The experience I bring and quality of service I pride myself on delivering takes time, and as there are only so many hours in the day, I never want to spread myself too thinly. 

This means I get to keep a good work/life balance and you get a freelance marketing assistant that is 100% dedicated to helping you grow your business as if it’s my own without the distraction of 52 other client’s vying for my attention and time! 

As a retained client, I want to get under the skin of your business, find out how it works, what you do well and help your customers to find you more easily so you can focus on doing your day job. I simply don’t believe I can do this well for more than two people at a time. 

**I currently have one space remaining to work with small business owners as their marketing assistant! Get in touch to nab the last remaining spot! **

What are your areas of expertise?

After nearly 15 years working in house or agency side on all manner of digital marketing and content production for global consumer brands, UK franchises, public sectors and independent professional firms and trades,  I’ve found I can turn my hand to most small business marketing requirements but I do have sectors that I find myself working with over and over again. 

  • Property & Construction – surveying, landlord & tenant matters, valuations
  • Health, fitness & nutrition
  • Trades – plumbing, heating, windows, doors 
  • Parenting & pregnancy
  • Automotive 
  • Early years activities and education – nurseries, pre-schools and primary
  • IT and telecommunications 
  • Solicitors and professional service providers 
  • Online Trading 

I can honestly say that most things interest me and I genuinely enjoy researching and finding out about new businesses and services. At the end of the day, all I need to do is tell people what you do, why you’re good at it and why you’re better than your competitors – simple! 

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Why work with a freelance copy writer and marketing specialist?

Freelancers are brilliant (if I do say so myself). Good freelancers will have spent years honing their craft before venturing out to work alone in the big wide world to helping others in need of their expertise. 

They can support you when you need more hands on deck or more hours in the day to meet the needs of your customers. Great freelancers are driven and passionate about what they do and will be able to bring the following benefits to you and your clients. 

  • Freelancers need to be organised, efficient and reliable in order to find and retain clients, manage their accounts, run a business and run a household at the same time. Who wouldn’t want those qualities in somebody working on behalf of your business?  
  • Nobody goes into freelancing for the money. It’s a labour of love and people who get to do what they enjoy doing everyday tend to be happier and more engaged in their work than if they had to do it. This means you can enjoy plenty of positivity when working with freelancers! 
  • A fresh pair of eyes that can see your business in a brand new light, bring new ideas, new ways of thinking and a renewed energy are all things freelancers can bring to the table to  help you get things done. 
  • There are no overheads when working with freelancers – which means it’s a great way to trial managing increased workload over hiring new staff. Freelancers take care of their own tax/national insurance and pension contributions so all you have to do is find one you like, get to work and pay their invoice (preferably on time!)
  • There is so much flexibility when working with freelancers. You can book more or less hours depending on your workload, they tend to work more flexible hours than the standard 9-5 and they want to work with YOU. 
  • Freelancers know people! We tend to work with other freelancers and have built up a great little black book of contacts over the years. When you meet one you like, you will have access to a bank of other flexible and reliable experts to help you grow your business too. Need a graphic designer or videographer? Grab an introduction from your freelancer. 

Ready to work together?

Say hello
What is your turnaround time?

One of the main reasons small business owners keep working with me is due to my reliability and responsiveness. Your enquiry will be answered within hours of receipt and I will always meet any deadlines we agree. 

All new ad-hoc enquiries are booked in based on my availability and existing work commitments as you would expect but I will work with you and do everything I can to get you booked in quickly. 

Regarding turn around time, it completely depends on the task in hand but you can rest assured that I will always be honest with you regarding the amount of time it will take to deliver and the availability I have so everyone has clear expectations of what is required and when it will be delivered.

Let’s work together

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can become a reliable, remote extension of your team. Whether your looking to put together your first marketing plan, take your current marketing to the next level or just need a one off job taken care of without the additional overheads of hiring full time staff – then I can help.

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