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Creating content and conversations that engage your audience across your social media platforms.

What do I do?

I help family friendly businesses and franchises to harness the power of Social Media marketing strategy by creating content plans that balance the need for advertising your business and building a social community full of advocates for your brand. 

By planning and posting your updates in advance, you have more time to focus on engaging, sharing and getting involved in conversations with your online customers and community day to day  – an excellent way to boost your chances of reaching potential new customers. 

Social Media from 10 Point Marketing

Why Invest in Social Media?

Social Media is where your customers are spending time every day.

Most people will seek out their favourite brands, and businesses that have served them well online, and those who make them laugh or share insightful tips and advice will stay close to their heart. 

Social Media posts that engage audiences and encourage them to interact with your business makes them feel valued, involved and engaged with people that resonate with them, their situation and lifestyle – a much more positive feeling than being ‘sold to’. 

Using social media to share your brand personality as well as your expertise will help you build powerful alliances and relationships with customers and supporters of your work – giving you more chance of recommendation, sale or a rave review further down the line.  

Get Social Media support that works for you

It’s impossible to be great at everything and even if you were, who has the time to do it all?! Investing in outsourcing areas of your marketing strategy is not only investing in your business growth plan but also investing in yourself.

By getting specialist support with marketing tasks, like Social Media when you need it, you get time back to focus your energy on the day to day running of your business and doing what you love.


Whether you’re brand new to Social Media, need a helping hand getting it to work for your business, or are looking for a refreshed approach, I can help make Social Media simple.

  • Social media content plans & ideas
  • Social Media profiles set up 
  • Social media posts across any mix of these platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube. 
  • Social media insights & analysis
  • Social media review & proposals for on-going success 
  • Social media best practice advice, tips & guidance 


I believe transparency and good communication is key to a successful working relationship and will always give you an honest opinion of how much time will be needed to achieve your desired outcome.

View the ‘work with me‘ page for an idea of pricing or get in touch for a specific quotation that meets your individual marketing needs.

My approach is simple – help you to build, share and grow your brand in ways that meet your personal and business goals. 

Ready to start? Let’s talk!

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My blog has lots of tips to help make marketing simple, the work with me page will answer questions on pricing or delivery of services, and you can find out more about me, my experience and approach to marketing here.

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